Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer 

Fat transfer is an aesthetic procedure that takes fat from one area of your body and relocates it to another area of your body to restore lost or uneven volume and contours. 

The fat is used as a natural injectable to treat areas such as the face, breast, buttocks and hands. Your own fat is harvested through liposuction from areas such as the stomach, love handles, thighs or wherever excess fat is located. 

If you are already undergoing a liposuction procedure for body contouring, then fat can be harvest before the laser is used. The harvested fat is then centrifuged, filtered and injected into the desired treatment area. 

On the face, fat injection can be used to plump areas such as hollow cheeksaround the eyes, temporal area, lips and nasolabial folds, restoring lost volume. We use for the face the Adivive Fat Transfer System that it is an enclosed system with less risks of contamination. Fat is aspirated at low pressures to avoid cell damage, then the syringe is placed on a centrifuge to separate the fat from the anesthesia solution/red cells and oil (from cells that have been damage). This process gives us fat cells that will survive after being injected. In the face some areas require minimal amount of fat, so if those cells do not survive, the difference in volume will become noticeable. Adding PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to the fat before the injection increases the fat survival. In some cases, were the need is mostly skin rejuvenation and not volume, nano fat can be injected to provide mostly stem cells. Nano fat has no fat cells, just stem cells.  For those who are seeking a natural approach to looking less tired and younger, fat transfer with the Advive System is an excellent choice. This procedure can deliver dramatic, natural-looking results that are long-lasting. 

On the body, fat transfer is used to treat areas such as the breastsbuttocks and hands to restore natural contours for a fuller, youthful look. They can be used to correct surgical defects. Fat is harvest through liposuction as usually patients are undergoing a body contouring liposuction at the same time. This is important especially on the buttocks area. Enhancing this area usually requires a combination of lipo sculpting and fat transfer in order to obtain good results. 

Is It Better? 

Fat transfer provides a natural alternative to synthetic fillers and implants by using your own fat. It delivers dramatic, long-lasting results, and offers less bruising and swelling. Through the system you may achieve dramatic results after just one treatment, and the system restores volume without synthetic fillers or implants. It can also last 10 years or more, compared with fillers that will last a little more than a year or less. In addition, it is a more cost-effective procedure. 

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