Vampire Facelift
Vampire Facelift

Vampire Facelift

This treatment uses a component of your own blood to reverse some of the many skin changes that occur with aging. It is also well-known by professional athletes as an excellent modality to repair sport and musculoskeletal injuries.

This process takes approximately 16 minutes.  The resulting facelift solution is the activated with light to make them release the “Growth Factors.”  The resulting solution is then injected into those areas requiring treatments.

What Should You Expect
The Vampire Facelift will initially “voluminize” the area, decreasing wrinkles, plumping the cheek areas and filling depressions around the eyes and upper lip. But it is the rejuvenating effect caused by the growth factors that will slowly cause the long-term improvements. The skin will gradually look thicker and firmer, with increased moisture. Deep creases will soften, and fine wrinkles will disappear. Brown/age spots will become less evident.

Can We Further Increase Facial Volume Lost with Aging?
According with the patient needs, additional volume to the face can be added at the time of the procedure by using facial fillers. This technique has been called by some the “Vampire Facelift,” a new technique using the patient’s own fat with adipose derived stem cells, allowing for larger fill, when fat loss is significant.

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