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At AgeFocus we believe that being healthy means more than simply not being sick. It means having a sharp and focused mind, boundless energy and enthusiasm, and a body that is in optimal condition. Most people will notice diminished vigor, energy, libido, focus, sharpness, body/skin changes and weight gain, as the body ages. Through our programs we address those changes. Call us today to find out more information about how we can help 631-243-3628

AgeFocus is proud to offer a variety of services with the most advanced technology including Age Management, Weight Management, Sports Medicine, Cosmetic Treatments and more. To learn more about AgeFocus and the services we can provide, click here!

Call us today to find out what programs are best for you! 631-243-3628


Success Stories

Laura L. Testimonial for AgeFocus

I cannot express enough how wonderful Martha the technician was. Her professionalism and knowledge in the treatment I received was exemplary. Her attitude towards me as a a client was friendly, genuine and above all, I felt very comfortable with her during the treatment. I believe it is people like her that make AgeFocus a […]

O Testimonial for AgeFocus

“Dr. “G” stands for Genius! I don’t have a single mark from my procedure yesterday and I should. I black and blue very very easily. Dr. G is so talented. I appreciate all the time and care he exhibits with me. Thanks, O

Amelia S. Testimonial for AgeFocus

I am thrilled with my results from SmartLipo and [breast] enhancement procedure Dr. G performed a few months ago. I had SmartLipo on my outer and inner thighs and upper and lower abdomen. I also had [breast] enhancement using my own fat. I now have slimmer smoother thighs, a smaller stomach and a larger perkier […]

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How Stress Impacts Health

Due to the fact that April is Stress Awareness Month, AgeFocus felt it was necessary to write a blog about the affects that stress has on the body. Stress is something that no … [Read More...]

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